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Blekingska Nation at Lund University welcomes you to Höstblot on the 23rd of November 2019.

The Höstblot is the annual bal hosted by Blekingska Nation at Lunds University. Attendants come from the nation, its alumni, representatives from other nations and student unions hailing both from Lund and abroad.

The location of this grand celebration is the Academic Society’s castle (AF-borgen) situated, together with the cathedral and the Kings House, in Lundagård, the heart of Lund. The date that you need to keep in mind is the second to last Saturday in November, which in 2019 falls on the 23rd of November. Dressed in our coattails or ball gowns and under the battle cry "Heruler! - till bords vi gå" we enter Café Athen to feast on a three course dinner followed by dance to an orchestra in Café Athen.

At 00:00 the gates will open for guests whom did not attend the dinner. They are welcome to join the festivities dressed in semi-formal attire. This calls for partying and dancing of a kind you won’t experience until the next time you attend a Höstblot. As the night grows old we recharge our batteries when sexa is served in Lilla salen.

Of the various activities that Blekingska arranges, the Höstblot is the most grand and well-visited.

And remember! To visit one or more bals during your stay in Lund is a must for every true Herul!

Last payment and registration day is 31th of October.

Martin Lindgreb

Grand Marshal

David Björkhem

Master of Party

Cara Warren

Master of Party

Gabriel Nilsson

Master of Party