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On the 23rd November it's time for Blekingska Nation's bal; the Höstblot. Since not everyone is aware what a bal really is we're now going to provide some quick facts and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question: Why is the bal named the Höstblot?
Answer: Höstblotet is hard to translate but it roughly means "The autumnal sacrifice of blood". A long time ago, according to myth, Blekinge was inhabited by the wild tribe Herulerna whose customs included the sacrificing of blood. These days though, we only sacrifice tomorrows well-being!

Question: Who gets to attend the bal?
Answer: Everyone! At the bal both new and old Blekingar from different generations meet to party and have a good time. Even if you are not a member of the nation you are most welcome to attend the Höstblot.

Question: It seems a bit expensive to pay 775 kr, what do I really get for it?
Answer: You will receive an exclusive three-course dinner with schnapps, beer, wine and punsch. Entertainment, grand speeches and dance to the tune of an orchestra after the dinner, topped by our fantastic DJ's who will make you dance the night away on our two dance floors. All this in the heart of Lund, the AF-castle.

Question: What is a sexa?
Answer: After having danced for a bit it's only natural for a Herul to feel hungry again and that signals the start of the sexa. At the sexa simple food is served, usually accompanied by spontaneous singing and dancing!

Question: What am I supposed to do with a medal?
Answer: The medal shows that you have attended this amazing party. You can upgrade your medal when you have visited the Höstblot several times, more information about this can be found under the "Medals" tab.

Question: What should I wear?
Answer: The dress-code is white tie. That means coattails or evening-gown or, if you are so inclined, the traditional clothing of your culture. If you happen to be in the military you are allowed to wear your dress uniform. If you only want to attend the dance the dress-code is semi-formal which means a suit in dark colours with a tie. Dresses worn to the dance should reach beneath the knees while dresses worn to the dinner should reach the ankles.
If you have any further questions regarding the dress code, please contact the Grand Marshal on overmarskalk@blekingska.se.

Question: If I feel unsure about moving my feet or don't know which fork to start with?
Answer: Blekingska Nation will organize a combined dance and etiquette course, information will be posted on the webpage.

Question: What is a bal lunch?
Answer: Don't think that the bal is over just because you left the castle for the evening! At 12:00 the day after the party continues with a lunch at Blekingska Nation (Måsvägen 11) where among other things Herring and meatballs along with drinks will be served. Singing, dancing and general banana-going that only a true Herul could muster.